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The post is a sequel to Thoughts


The wet eyes kept on watching the sand and seeing it slipping by,

Smoothly being mixed with its kind when  her emotions had been in turmoil,

The perfect picture was thrown off the wall,

From the memory there was no way to make it recoil.

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The Other Side

She read innumerable versions..
Versions where girl was described as the dream girl..
For once she thought why it’s not the other way round?
Why not to compare a guy with the glowing pearl.. Continue reading “The Other Side”



The rose in her hand became part of her attire ..
The smile on her face became part of her makeup..
Minutes, hours, Days, weeks, months went by..
Her thoughts stopped the time and seized the moment.. Continue reading “Thoughts”

Mr. Demon

“Who are you? The one in hiding”

The shadow, growling, came out in the light.
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Hither and Tither

Staying up late, brewing a cup of coffee..

Staying up late, starting at blank space in the balcony..

Staying up late, watching the life going by..

Staying up late, one moment after another in the bay..

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Silent Dream

‘I never thought I’d be writing something’, he glanced at the screen and pressed the ‘delete’ button. ‘Penning down a story or an incident isn’t’, he hit the ‘delete’ button again. Pressing his chin with the fingers, he adjusted his spectacles and gave a slight cough. A nice opening. ‘No wonder, the sales of journals is still rising.’ What? Who reads the statistics. His mind replied back. A nice opening. He repeated the words, secretly pinning his hope on the thought that it might help him to think something different. He kept his eyes glued to the screen, crossed his hands over the table and let his mind to travel somewhere.

Arash Singhal”

The moment he heard his full name from the other side of the phone, he cursed himself for being late, again. Punctuality was one of the words he was completely unknown to.

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Isolated in Social, Social in Isolation

When I see up, I see clouds shifting.
When I see down, I see cars racing.
When I look back, I see pictures moving.
When I look ahead, I see future running.

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Forgotten Diaries #3


” Please.”, Aria whispered to her mother.

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Forgotten Diaries #2

“Go and talk to her. What are you scared of?”, Aria’s father was busy working on his document when Aria tapped him on his back and said that she wants to talk to a girl standing in the driveway. Continue reading “Forgotten Diaries #2”

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