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The Musketeers.

“Happy birthday!”

“Ayesha, is that you? Oh my god! It’s been what, 7 years?”, D jolted from her sleep.

“And guess who’s on the other line with me?”

“No way! Eva, am I dreaming or what? It’s like the best birthday gift”

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Lessons or Compulsions?

[All the incidents mentioned below are purely fictional and are the product of writer’s imagination.]


Do you also brood in office when you don’t have work?

Because I’m sitting in my 8×6 cubicle looking at my empty to-do list,

And I think to myself of the way the corporate life wheels,

The more I am free, the more the corporate engulfs in mist.

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The one. The trip.

Beach or mountain? Decide one.

She pouted on the question.

She was a beach person, but

Occasionally she liked mountain run.

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Princess Warrior

Yes, it aches, my heart aches..

not over a gentleman, but for the reason..

known as improper for a young lady..

to let go of the rein, to have a wild run..


To create the history, not sewing or painting could..

To mount at the pace of gallop, a vivid imagination would..

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Outside the Window


Fighting Off the Demons

I could feel the excitement. I could hear cheerful yays and fearful ahs. As the time lapsed, the butterflies in my stomach kicked in. One moment, it felt like I am at the top of the world. In another, I could almost touch the ground if I allow my legs to stretch by inches. The pendulum ride turned out to be lot more fun than anticipated by our group. How did I get here on the ride is more of a blur. I don’t know what led me here, I just know that this is fun and I should go out more to enjoy. I saw my colleagues sitting across me in a small open cuboid form trolley. A little girl, definitely afraid of heights and possibly death, clutched her fingers to the vertical bar supporting the cuboid to the pulley.

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Hither and Tither

Staying up late, brewing a cup of coffee..

Staying up late, starting at blank space in the balcony..

Staying up late, watching the life going by..

Staying up late, one moment after another in the bay..

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