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City of Lights

“You two are fools to change the world!

We are doing fine, no need of your vision.

It’s our mess and we are okay with it.

Mind my words, you’d be committing the treason!”

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Battle It Out

Sitting in a 2×2 box, he looked out the window,

in a quiet night, raises a voice deep inside his mind,

Long gone are those cards handcrafted by you,

From the attic, in the box earlier when he mined.

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Home. Away from Home.

“Look at all those stars! Can you spot three stars in alignment, I wonder if they are a part of any constellation”, she said out loud to her roommate.

“Don’t know. But they indeed are spectacular. Let’s go, you need to pack.”

“Yeah, my family will be here in two hours. It’s been two years of being your roommate, being here, where this time had been?”, she smiled. Continue reading “Home. Away from Home.”

A Note to 25-Me

Dear 25 me, you are restless, I understand.

You are clueless and worried sick about your future.

You’re wondering what’s going to happen next? Continue reading “A Note to 25-Me”

The Closure

I have been tossing and turning in the night

Thinking of what I could have said than what I did say

What said was because of this and that, with myself I bet

I sighed, looking at the clock, calculating how much sleep I can get.

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I could see the colors fading into grey,

Clearing my vision, blinking the lashes for few more times,

I could still see the grey, VIBGYOR out of the sight,

Salt and water in the eyes gives away the crimes.

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Friendship and Circle, both have no end.



The post is a sequel to Thoughts


The wet eyes kept on watching the sand and seeing it slipping by,

Smoothly being mixed with its kind when  her emotions had been in turmoil,

The perfect picture was thrown off the wall,

From the memory there was no way to make it recoil.

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The Other Side

She read innumerable versions..
Versions where girl was described as the dream girl..
For once she thought why it’s not the other way round?
Why not to compare a guy with the glowing pearl.. Continue reading “The Other Side”

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