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Silent Dream

‘I never thought I’d be writing something’, he glanced at the screen and pressed the ‘delete’ button. ‘Penning down a story or an incident isn’t’, he hit the ‘delete’ button again. Pressing his chin with the fingers, he adjusted his spectacles and gave a slight cough. A nice opening. ‘No wonder, the sales of journals is still rising.’ What? Who reads the statistics. His mind replied back. A nice opening. He repeated the words, secretly pinning his hope on the thought that it might help him to think something different. He kept his eyes glued to the screen, crossed his hands over the table and let his mind to travel somewhere.

Arash Singhal”

The moment he heard his full name from the other side of the phone, he cursed himself for being late, again. Punctuality was one of the words he was completely unknown to.

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Professionally. Personally.

She re-read those words again and again, silently hoping that they will change into something less-complicated.But that was a futile hope. Those words hit her hard and for a brief moment she lost the sense of her surroundings. She played with cellphone keys, fidgeting with yes/no options of ‘Delete Text’ message.
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Usual. Unusual.

‘See, I have planned out my day for tomorrow. First, I will sleep till noon. Then, I will clean my room, my room is really messy right now. You remember when I went to my cousion’s place, I showed you pics of that day as well, well I left in hurry that time, so room is all messed up. So where was I? Yeah my task-list. After cleaning my room I’ll go out to see movie. There is this new movie, don’t know who all are in there, but I heard the songs are good, so I will watch that movie. You guys will join me? After that see the plan will be like…’
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Love. Memories.

Click. Click. Click.
The mouse pointer hovered over the words ‘Search Jobs Online’. She, in a frustrated manner, closed all the tabs of Chrome and closed her laptop furiously. It was three in the afternoon.
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