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Tale of Ambition

She moved around a lot andĀ talks to strangers,

She got the reality check a while back,

Accepted the world as is and started managing her own stars.

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The Closure

I have been tossing and turning in the night

Thinking of what I could have said than what I did say

What said was because of this and that, with myself I bet

I sighed, looking at the clock, calculating how much sleep I can get.

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Time:Powerful Enemy

15..16..17..18.. She stole a quick glance to her watch, taking a break from counting stars, waiting for the watch to show midnight time miraculously. Alas, the minute hand didn’t twitch from its place, the time was still 11pm.

She was excited, finally she’d officially be in adult category. She could go out and party, she could watch all sort of movies, she could marry now, legally! But on the top of all, she’d be getting a mobile phone, her birthday present from her parents, her very own personal phone. She had all the plans to show it off to her friends tomorrow.
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