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Unexpected Expected Meet

[This story has been inspired by real life people, but creative liberties have been used as well]

“Dad! Will you fill my Slam Book?”, seven-year old Pracheeti was excited about it and came running to Rahul.

“Your dad loves to fill Slam Books, don’t you Rahul?”, his wife gave him a playful laugh.

Innocent Pracheeti didn’t realize that she just took both down the memory lane. The lane which they hadn’t visited in long time, due to fast paced life they were living in the city.

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City of Lights

“You two are fools to change the world!

We are doing fine, no need of your vision.

It’s our mess and we are okay with it.

Mind my words, you’d be committing the treason!”

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Black. White.

“I love you”, she, in white dress, on one knee with a rose in her hand, looked at him with her hazel eyes. He, in white shirt, looked at her, perplexed.
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Songs. Music. Life.

You are stuck in my heart..’ She looked up from her notebook to find him humming the song.
‘How could he study with music?’ She said to her friend sitting beside her, her friend looked from her notebook followed her gaze and smiled.
‘Yeah but not while I am studying.’ She said to her friend and went back to her book, this time not leaving the room.
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Usual. Unusual.

‘See, I have planned out my day for tomorrow. First, I will sleep till noon. Then, I will clean my room, my room is really messy right now. You remember when I went to my cousion’s place, I showed you pics of that day as well, well I left in hurry that time, so room is all messed up. So where was I? Yeah my task-list. After cleaning my room I’ll go out to see movie. There is this new movie, don’t know who all are in there, but I heard the songs are good, so I will watch that movie. You guys will join me? After that see the plan will be like…’
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Love. Memories.

Click. Click. Click.
The mouse pointer hovered over the words ‘Search Jobs Online’. She, in a frustrated manner, closed all the tabs of Chrome and closed her laptop furiously. It was three in the afternoon.
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