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Enjoy the Confusion

Being restless, I have been pacing back and forth,

In my room with the thoughts filled up in my head,

Drowning out the songs playing in the background,

Building scenarios, imagining the paths ahead.

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Lessons or Compulsions?

[All the incidents mentioned below are purely fictional and are the product of writer’s imagination.]


Do you also brood in office when you don’t have work?

Because I’m sitting in my 8×6 cubicle looking at my empty to-do list,

And I think to myself of the way the corporate life wheels,

The more I am free, the more the corporate engulfs in mist.

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You. A Doppleganger.

Every day, every moment, brings you closer..

to the version you’re not and don’t recognise..

With or without friends and people..

With or without life and situations..

You become your own Doppleganger.

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Perfect Chaos.

D: “You know, it isn’t easy.”, the fingers dug further in the ground.

H: “What isn’t? This, we being an escapist or realist?”, the eyes looked around.

D: “Why do we have to quit, if they don’t understand?”, the thought plumbed.

H: “When you want to do right and being questioned absurdly…”, the mind numbed.

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The one. The trip.

Beach or mountain? Decide one.

She pouted on the question.

She was a beach person, but

Occasionally she liked mountain run.

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You. Confidant.

You said you had a dream last night

I sat through the whole coffee to listen

You being the wind or the tip of the pen

Working your way up out of the prison.

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Little by Little

Little by little she cheered up,

Listening to music was her world,

The world to immerse herself in,

Words with which she will surround.

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Musings | Friendship

“What’s the difference? You’ll share your secrets with either of them..”
He asked thinking of the unusual conversation that it’s going to be.
“No, you don’t. For starters, best friend will be one and only one.”
“Yeah, I still don’t get the point you’re trying to make here.”
“If it is one, you are dependent on your best friend, vulnerable.”

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Fear. Being Alive.

She looked down, 25ft below her feet,
The adrenaline rush, for what she has been looking,
Second by second, she could feel her heartbeat rising,
To catch that freedom, moment by moment fleeting.

Introvert in her said, “what the heck I’m doing, I love my life, should have been a reader or a writer.”
Extrovert in her said. “Can’t wait to see what’s next, I love my life, should have been done it earlier.”

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