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Musings | Friendship

“What’s the difference? You’ll share your secrets with either of them..”
He asked thinking of the unusual conversation that it’s going to be.
“No, you don’t. For starters, best friend will be one and only one.”
“Yeah, I still don’t get the point you’re trying to make here.”
“If it is one, you are dependent on your best friend, vulnerable.”

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Princess Warrior

Yes, it aches, my heart aches..

not over a gentleman, but for the reason..

known as improper for a young lady..

to let go of the rein, to have a wild run..


To create the history, not sewing or painting could..

To mount at the pace of gallop, a vivid imagination would..

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Data-Driven Decision Management Importance

 “The mathematician searches around the lamppost on his hands and knees. “What are you looking for?” a bystander asks. “My keys, I dropped them as I was leaving the bar” comes the reply. The bystander looks over his shoulder, “But the bar is back that way”, he says, pointing into the distance. “Yeah, I know, but the light is much better here” the mathematician replies.”


Google Analytics is the reason I started the blog. I wanted to learn about the digital marketing, so blog was the best site to test that. But with only four posts, I have regularly starting updating my blog either with content or change in design. The article depicts the reason for companies to go for analytics tool.
According to Keith, industries are in fourth era following marketing concept which involves consumer behavior, consumer needs and consumer wants. With the internet evolution, business in one part of the world is accessible to consumers from the other part of the world. With offline customer relationship, it is imperative to manage online content and online traffic in accordance with consumer behavior. From the marketing experience, business mavericks have learned the secret of business, studying the consumer data extensively. But with the extent of online business one cannot read people face-to-face, one needs quantitative as well as qualitative information to improve upon one’s past mistakes and to understand consumer psyche.

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