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Tale of Ambition

She moved around a lot and talks to strangers,

She got the reality check a while back,

Accepted the world as is and started managing her own stars.

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City of Lights

“You two are fools to change the world!

We are doing fine, no need of your vision.

It’s our mess and we are okay with it.

Mind my words, you’d be committing the treason!”

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A Note to 25-Me

Dear 25 me, you are restless, I understand.

You are clueless and worried sick about your future.

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The Closure

I have been tossing and turning in the night

Thinking of what I could have said than what I did say

What said was because of this and that, with myself I bet

I sighed, looking at the clock, calculating how much sleep I can get.

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Done and Dusted

The world upside down, look at it from my angle
The three corners, we trio, form a part of a triangle
Worlds apart, opinions differ, goals at poles’ length
Bonds formed nine years ago, shakes and strengthens
Daily talks, gossips, good and the trying times
That’s not what defines us, there for each other?
No, understanding when to smack one’s head
And listening so to make jokes and tease light
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Mr. Demon

“Who are you? The one in hiding”

The shadow, growling, came out in the light.
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Silent Dream

‘I never thought I’d be writing something’, he glanced at the screen and pressed the ‘delete’ button. ‘Penning down a story or an incident isn’t’, he hit the ‘delete’ button again. Pressing his chin with the fingers, he adjusted his spectacles and gave a slight cough. A nice opening. ‘No wonder, the sales of journals is still rising.’ What? Who reads the statistics. His mind replied back. A nice opening. He repeated the words, secretly pinning his hope on the thought that it might help him to think something different. He kept his eyes glued to the screen, crossed his hands over the table and let his mind to travel somewhere.

Arash Singhal”

The moment he heard his full name from the other side of the phone, he cursed himself for being late, again. Punctuality was one of the words he was completely unknown to.

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“I am late again!”, she started running on the sidetrack. Continue reading “Think INFINITY”

‘If Only’ Road

”I want to be a billionaire!”, the young student in the crowd read out loud his answer to one of the fundamental questions. Listening to his innocent answer, teachers smiled at him and blessed him.
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