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Musings | Friendship

“What’s the difference? You’ll share your secrets with either of them..”
He asked thinking of the unusual conversation that it’s going to be.
“No, you don’t. For starters, best friend will be one and only one.”
“Yeah, I still don’t get the point you’re trying to make here.”
“If it is one, you are dependent on your best friend, vulnerable.”

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Done and Dusted

The world upside down, look at it from my angle
The three corners, we trio, form a part of a triangle
Worlds apart, opinions differ, goals at poles’ length
Bonds formed nine years ago, shakes and strengthens
Daily talks, gossips, good and the trying times
That’s not what defines us, there for each other?
No, understanding when to smack one’s head
And listening so to make jokes and tease light
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Friendship and Circle, both have no end.

Forgotten Diaries #3


” Please.”, Aria whispered to her mother.

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Forgotten Diaries #2

“Go and talk to her. What are you scared of?”, Aria’s father was busy working on his document when Aria tapped him on his back and said that she wants to talk to a girl standing in the driveway. Continue reading “Forgotten Diaries #2”

Forever and Ever…

“I want the report on my desk by 8 in the morning on my desk. Got it?”
“Yes.”, she turned back to go out of the office room and took a long deep breath. The days were getting hectic, the work load was increasing and she was missing her college life and her family. Deciding that she has to start working on the report now itself, she went to her desk and signed in with her account.
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Have you ever wondered what is like to share ‘a moment’ with someone else? The moments which are only yours, which you just cannot share with anyone, like those tears you have when you watch cheesy romantic love-story or when your favorite character dies in the book. The moments when you are under the covers and don’t want the world to see you, when you just want to spend your time your way in your own virtual dimension of world. The moment which you think might be the turning point of your life.

Friends. Friends.

“Noooo. I waant this seat.” She made puppy dog face to him. He gave a quick glance to her, She is beautiful. And left that red comfortable chair for her. She was happy and said in her cheerful voice, “Thankyou!”.
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