She looked down, 25ft below her feet,
The adrenaline rush, for what she has been looking,
Second by second, she could feel her heartbeat rising,
To catch that freedom, moment by moment fleeting.

Introvert in her said, “what the heck I’m doing, I love my life, should have been a reader or a writer.”
Extrovert in her said. “Can’t wait to see what’s next, I love my life, should have been done it earlier.”

She took a deep breath, inhaling and exhaling,
Too late to back out. Back out! I’m going to freaking jump, thud!
“Okay, I like heights, but it is high!”, laughed extrovert at introvert,
Few minutes of pure bliss, thinking she took one step forward.

“I can do this”, did the prep talk in her mind.
“What’s to be afraid of,I love heights, I love water,
it’s just cliff jumping into it. Okay, push yourself and loose the ground.
Loose the ground. Here I go. Here I go. Err.”

“Are you ready? On three?”, the instructor looked at me,
Of course he sees hundreds of people take a plunge without second guessing,
“One.. Two..” without thinking she leapt forward with knees in her hand,
Opened her arms and dived straight into water, it breaking.

The cold water soothed her nerves and she emerged victorious,
Catching her breath and giving a shout out to others in joy,
She stayed reliving and cherishing that carefree world,
Alas, like everything, this will pass and will stay as a memory.

Smile. It has been a good day, with the chaos to follow.
Cherish. Memories pass faster than the shooting arrow.


Image source- news article.