“You two are fools to change the world!

We are doing fine, no need of your vision.

It’s our mess and we are okay with it.

Mind my words, you’d be committing the treason!”


“Who says it is a constant battle between love and career?

We have a life. Life filled with hopes and fame.

It is a battle to win. It is a battle we are winning.

Raise your glasses in our toast as we welcome your name”


“Welcome me, dare you? We live in an illusion.

An illusion where rules rules and routine prospers.

Abandon us and you are banished from the face of earth.

Dreams. Don’t make up words for your spurs”


They walked away, to a place called “home”

Cheers to the fools, daring to go beyond infinity.

Cheers to the dreams, for the vision they created.

Rendevouz with insanity, riding the world crazy.


Chairs were broken. Tomatoes were rotten.

Seeing them perform, everybody screamed.

In love, taking the world of corporate together.

Everyone was scared. Everyone wanted to experience.


City of lights, was shining just for them.

City of lights, never shined so brightly.