“Look at all those stars! Can you spot three stars in alignment, I wonder if they are a part of any constellation”, she said out loud to her roommate.

“Don’t know. But they indeed are spectacular. Let’s go, you need to pack.”

“Yeah, my family will be here in two hours. It’s been two years of being your roommate, being here, where this time had been?”, she smiled.

“Someone is in nostalgia. I’m going to miss you.”, they hugged their best friends, each other.

She completed her packing and watched one more movie in their room for the last time.

In the morning, her family came early to get her all packed to shift to her hometown. She got another contract which would be taking her to 1520 kms away from her hometown and 1750 kms away from her current place. She was excited as well as frightened. In her childhood, she did move around a lot. Going and settling down for a while in a new place, no more scared her.

“It’s been quite some time since you came home.”, her mother smiled on reaching their destination.

“Yes, Mom. I missed this place.”, she stepped out of the car and breathed the fresh air. She tried to capture the view in her eyes, she wanted to preserve this moment forever. One week was over and it was time for her to move to another place.

“Where does this time go? I just did the packing and now I have to start packing again.”, she said on entering the room where her family was having their evening tea.

“I know sweetheart. I will help you.”, her mother said.

“No no, don’t worry. I’m an expert in it now, it’s just that it is monotonous.”

“Let’s go out for dinner tonight, we will make it a evening out of it.”

At dinner, she was in the moment. While returning to home, she stepped out of the car when she looked up at the sky.

“Dad, look! Those three stars in alignment, I wonder if they’re a part of any constellation.”

“The stars look beautiful, sweetheart. Let’s go. Tomorrow is your flight.”

And tomorrow arrived. New place. New people. New her.

It’s been an year since she moved to this new place.

“Yes, I had dinner and I have no problem in fitting in. I’m on terrace by the way.”, she said to her friend over the phone.

Amidst the conversation, “Hey! Look at those stars, those three stars in alignment!”

“Yeah. Orion.”

Miles apart, still she felt home. Home- her previous location, her hometown and other places she had lived in. That was her home.

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