I could see the colors fading into grey,

Clearing my vision, blinking the lashes for few more times,

I could still see the grey, VIBGYOR out of the sight,

Salt and water in the eyes gives away the crimes.

I tried to change the spectacles, from transparent to colored,

Not enveloping me were blue, red, green, but the grey,

I shut my eyes closed, hoping to see the blue thunders,

Alas, as my fate decided, I was bound to be a blank space prey.


Could anyone understand what I am saying?

Could anyone feel the torment I feel?

Surely no. How could a happy face see the sorrows?

How could an empty heart have moments to steal?


If something is still on your mind, do something about it.

Right, like fretting about it and keeping yourself shut?

That’s an easy part to do, it doesn’t make it better though.

“Wait, let this moment go”, yeah move ahead with thrust.


“I finally found my way, say goodbye to yesterday”

Bon Jovi blasted at me, need strength to slay the grey.