The world upside down, look at it from my angle
The three corners, we trio, form a part of a triangle
Worlds apart, opinions differ, goals at poles’ length
Bonds formed nine years ago, shakes and strengthens
Daily talks, gossips, good and the trying times
That’s not what defines us, there for each other?
No, understanding when to smack one’s head
And listening so to make jokes and tease light
That’s what we are.
Scalene is the image that sticks in my head
Travelling on utopian planet is our butter and bread
Hangouts once in a while, meet ups when in town
Some things never change, and this is one of them
One chapter closes today, new one holds whatsoever
Have no clue, don’t need one, no reassurances
Nine years does provide you a glimpse of a future
Some movements, some talks, are predictable
Certainty about uncertainty is a refresher for the trio
With love, hopes and dreams, I will leave trio at it
Cheers to new beginnings, new lives, new us.