I could feel the excitement. I could hear cheerful yays and fearful ahs. As the time lapsed, the butterflies in my stomach kicked in. One moment, it felt like I am at the top of the world. In another, I could almost touch the ground if I allow my legs to stretch by inches. The pendulum ride turned out to be lot more fun than anticipated by our group. How did I get here on the ride is more of a blur. I don’t know what led me here, I just know that this is fun and I should go out more to enjoy. I saw my colleagues sitting across me in a small open cuboid form trolley. A little girl, definitely afraid of heights and possibly death, clutched her fingers to the vertical bar supporting the cuboid to the pulley.

“Hey, do you want me to hold you?”, I shouted over the yays and ahs. She looked at me, her eyes were almost in tears when she nodded. I grabbed her hands and pulled her towards the seat beside me.

“You don’t have to worry about anything. I won’t let anything happen to you. Okay?”, I could feel her muscles relaxed. “Look, you are at the top of the world. You are a bird.” She smiled. Sensing the height, she instantly closed her eyes.

I held her closer. Something shifted in the air. I couldn’t see it, but I know something is not right. The ride instead of following its course, shifted from the tracks and took the oscillation towards its right. I looked towards the ground and saw the trouble staring into my eyes.

Seven wolves. Red eyes. Seven pair of eyes staring right into my eyes. A shiver ran down my spine. The operator tried to shift the course in another direction to stop the wolves getting on the cuboid. The trick didn’t work. The wolves pounced on the cuboid and entered from the side where I was sitting with the little girl.

This is it. The adventure is about to end. I felt sharp bites on my hand. I yelled but nothing happened. I felt sharp bites on my thighs. The next thing I know, I was sweating in the sheets and was gasping for air.

This was the third time in a row when I saw wolves in my dreams.


She closed her dream diary, afraid of falling into sleep again.

The wolves in the parallel world were glad to have sumptuous meal. Soul is what they devour, soul is what they receive.